We are scared, grieving, and shocked. There is no language that can adequately address or comfort those in mourning or worried for loved ones, friends, and neighbors. The killing and abduction of innocent people, no matter for what reason, is never justified. Not in Israel, not in Palestine.

We stand firm in our belief that security cannot come at the expense of others. This war and the ongoing occupation are tragic reminders of this. No amount of bombing, violence, persecution, and oppression will ever lead to peace.

In suffering, more things can hold truth at the same time. The suffering of Gaza under a brutal blockade is not in competition with the hundreds of lives lost over the last days, nor are these disconnected from each other.

We also know that popular discourses will demonize all sides. There are lives, loved ones, and connections everywhere. Many cross borders. Life often does not fit into neat categories. It can be complicated and full of contradictions. Dehumanizing whole populations and oversimplifying the situation serves no one but those who would seek power and control over us.

It should be very simple: say no to atrocities. Do it for the sake of all those who risk losing their lives, their loved ones, friends and neighbors when we stop seeing humanity in one another. Do not make your moral compass subservient to your politics.